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At nitrovery we work closely with our customers to solve their business problems through customized, cost effective IT services & solutions.

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Who are we?

We are a UK company with our own operation centres and those of our partners across Eastern Europe.

Our partners have been selected for being experts in their field.

Our mission

To provide innovative companies full access to the best experts in their field, seamlessly integrated, fast and cost effectively.

To provide our partners and employees access to challenging and innovative projects, and to ensure they are part of highly successful outcomes.

Why Nitro?

We are flexible, collaborative, cost effective and transparent.


Different business models built around your specific needs

You pay for exactly what you need


We have significant business & technical expertise in the industries we serve

Gaming, Payments & Procurement, Software Publishing


Our database includes 10,000+ candidates

Our HR framework ensures we attract and retain the most talented people

Our customers

How we work

We operate in a broad ranges of digital spaces with technologies and pricing models tailored to each.

Please navigate the panels below to find the best services for your requirements.

System Integration

  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials
  • Monthly fees
  • Cost plus

From strategy, analysis and design to implementation and support, we enable your systems and applications to operate as a single framework, reducing complexity, eliminating data duplication, optimising performance and mitigating risks.

Our consultants have 10y experience in integrating Ariba, SAP, JDEdwards for major companies like Commerzbank / Dresden Bank, British Airways, BSkyB, Allied Irish Bank, Easynet, Procserve.

Software development

  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials
  • Monthly fees
  • Cost plus

Since 2011, Nitrovery has been a key partner for FTSE 100 companies for their Software Development, UI-UX and Applications Refactoring needs, by working together with their internal development teams or by providing end-to-end solutions

We also provide state-of-the art, multilingual, 24/7 Technical Support services as a whole or as part of your existing support organization


  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials

Strategy definition: Our consultants ensure your strategy will enable you to harness the speed and agility of cloud services, improving customer experience, costs effectiveness and security

Readiness assessment: We help you assess if your technology, people and process are cloud ready, or what is required to ensure the success of your migration project

Migration: we ensure your applications are optimised for cloud computing, leveraging the most value for the lowest TCO.

Private & Secure cloud solutions: does your business require the flexibility and scalability of cloud services, but also direct control over your environments? We can make it happen.


  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials
  • Monthly fees

Our experts help you make better informed decisions: our experience in BI infrastructure, software, and best practices allow you to access, consolidate, secure, analyse, present information

  • Strategy and solution selection
  • Migration
  • Performance tuning
  • Security audit
  • End to end implementation and management:
    • Data mining
    • Reporting
    • Data analysis
    • Data modeling
    • Data management
    • Data warehousing

Big data

  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials
  • Monthly fees

Our consulting, implementation, migration and maintenance service cover all layers:

  • From strategy to maintenance
  • Data warehousing, Data Analytics, Reporting
  • Including real time data processing


  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials
  • Monthly fees
  • Cost plus

Digital companies need to release fast – in fact, digital companies need to release continuously, and automation is not an option anymore but a must.

Our DevOps teams ensure new features are delivered faster, with less effort, and increased stability.

  • Shared code base
  • Continuous integration
  • Test-driven techniques
  • Automated deployments
  • Containerization

Cyber security

  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials

We pen-test your web apps, website, network or WIFI by using the same tools and approach a hacker would.

This includes obviously a vulnerability scanning, but also and more importantly, our experts will manually attempt (attack simulation) to exploit the vulnerabilities.

We also ensure that security awareness of your teams is enhanced at each stage of the process.

Technology due diligence

  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials

Whether you invest in a startup or acquire a company, our consultants allow you to assess the acquired company’s technology capabilities.

In case of acquisition, a due diligence is also the basis of your transition / integration plans.

We help to reduce your risk, ensure the technology you invest in can achieve the acquisition goals and objectives, and drive a smooth transition, with minimum disruption.

Our team

Nic Hutchins


30 years of experience, Nic had held leadership roles in large global companies and European SME, focused on systems integration, consulting and outsourcing.

His passion is creating teams that engage with customers to far exceed their expectations and aspirations for gaining value from technology investments.

Christophe Bajc


In the last 15 years, Chris has held senior roles in private and public IT organisations.

Chris brings his experience setting up and managing successful teams in Eastern Europe and Asia, and his passion for building bespoke solutions to customer needs, and for business enabling technology.

Ludek Dolejsky


During 15 years in IT, Ludek has written software for nuclear power plants, banks, media companies, start-ups and betting companies.

He is fascinated by the exponential development in technology and believes in 10x teams.

Richard O'Connor

sales director

30 years working in Sales including Telecoms, System integration, Outsourcing & Technology.

Ioana Chetan

talent manager

With over 10 years of experience, Ioana has unique knowledge of IT industry from organisational development, performance, reward and change management to resourcing and talent planning.

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